How Does It Work?

After yeas of research and development we have an compliant cell phone product that will let you dial cell phone legally. Please keep in mind that all other FTC rules must be followed to make compliant cell phone calls. The call cells legally software works perfectly with our Echo software and Echo powered telemarketers. Here is how it works, the Echo agents have a dialing box on their screen and they physically have to press the number with the mouse to get to the next number, so the entire 10 digit cell phone number is dialed. The agents waits for the “Hello” to proceed or can leave a message on the answering machine and take the return call.

Our process allows a cell phone to be dialed and disposition in about 2 to 3 seconds allowing for fast and compliant dialing. The Echo teams are on their new hardware and do not have the capability of dialing numbers in an automated way. Contact your sales representative at 800.970.9739 that can provide you with an opinion paper as to why our systems is fully compliant.