Want a campaign that’s FREE of hassles? A telemarketer with a proven track record of success? Isn’t it time to FREE yourself from a failure-ridden process and try something that works?

If you need just one to a few live agents to work on your telemarketing campaign, let us transform your hiring process. Why not just skip all the tedious steps required to recruit, interview, on-board and train a new agent? Why sign on for that same time-suck every time you need to hire or replace a telemarketer? The burn-out and turnover rate for U.S.-based telemarketers is sky-high, so you’ll just be back on Craigslist doing the same thing again within a few weeks.

We are not a recruiting company hiring the unknown and hoping for the best. We provide extensively trained and battle-tested agents with experience and motivation.

Agents in our program must meet the following criteria

  • College graduate, drug-tested, background-checked
  • 6 months of telesales experience in our call center
  • Proven track record of hitting sales goals
  • Perfect attendance
  • Ability to self-manage
  • An understanding of sales reporting and goal-setting
  • Comfortable with scheduling appointments
  • Competence at identifying a qualified prospect
  • Ability to memorize and deliver a sales script
  • Deep-level understanding of the vertical
  • Quick to learn new verticals
  • Skilled at handling objections

What you need to do

  • Set their schedule
  • Supply a script
  • Provide the call list
  • Get us the credentials to set them up on dialers if needed
  • Manage them as you would an in-office agent
  • Grow your salesl

What we provide

  • The office space
  • Experienced agents
  • Full HR package
  • I.T. support
  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Telegram
  • Skype

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